2017 Mt Baldy Battle of the Brews
What’s better in the summer time than good music, a good view, and cold local craft beer? 16 local breweries have been invited to face off Sunday afternoons throughout the summer at Southern California’s highest venue. Hike, bike, or ride up the scenic chairlift to grab a flight of local beer. Vote on your favorite overall brewery. When you turn in your completed ballot to the bartender, you will even get a free pint of your choice. At the end of the day the votes are tallied and the winner advances through a single elimination bracket. Enjoy all the mountain has to offer with a live band playing on our patio stage as well as disc golf and our new zip lines.

Last year Rok House Brewing Company took the title for the 2nd year straight. Will the reigning champ continue their winning streak, or will one of the other 15 breweries step up to knock them off the podium? You decide!

Music & Judges Flights are served between 2 pm and 6 pm, last Judges Cards collected at 6:30pm. The entire family is welcome. However, those under 21 cannot purchase the Lift with the Flight, and will need to purchase a separate scenic lift ticket.

Tickets are $50 @ the Door.
Buy online save up to 40% off!

Round 1 Matchups & Results

Alosta Brewing vs. Wicks Brewing Co.
Winner: Wicks Brewing Co.

Mt. Lowe Brewing Co. vs. Last Name Brewing
Winner: Last Name Brewing.

Strum Brewing vs. Old Stump Brewing Co.
Winner: Strum Brewing

La Verne Brewing Co. vs. Hamilton Family Brewing
Winner: La Verne Brewing Co.

Sanctum Brewery vs. Innovation Brew Works
Winner: Innovation Brew Works

Refuge Brewery vs. Rok House Brewing Co.
Winner: Rok House Brewing Co.

REV Brewing Co. vs. Absolution Brewing Co.
Winner: Absolution Brewing Co.

Claremont Craft Ales vs. No Clue Craft Brewery
Winner: No Clue Craft Brewery

Quarter Finals Matchups & Results

Wicks Brewing Co. vs. Innovation Brew Works
Winner: Innovation Brew Works

Last Name Brewing vs Rok House Brewing Co.
Winner: Rok House Brewing Company

Strum Brewing Co. vs. Absolution Brewing Company
Winner: Strum Brewing Co.

La Vern Brewing Co. vs. No Clue Craft Brewery
Winner: No Clue Craft Brewery

Semi Finals –
October 8th – 2nd Match Up – get tickets now

Strum Brewing

Strum Brewing Co.

No Clue Brewery

No Clue Brewery