We are taking the COVID-19 crisis very seriously. Mt Baldy Resort is a unique all season mountain resort and is well designed to accommodate social distancing guidelines. In addition, we are implementing several policy changes that will help to ensure the safety and health of our guests and staff.
In order to help protect our staff and guests, face coverings are to be worn upon entering any of our facilities. Please be mindful of others and practice social distancing at all times. We have set up designated line markers and rope barriers in order to keep foot traffic moving in the same direction to minimize unnecessary close contact with other individuals. At all times and especially when standing in line, maintain a healthy distance of at least 10 feet.
It is your responsibility to practice Social Distancing and to follow all guidelines found within the Order of the Health Officer of the County of San Bernardino County for the Control of COVID-19.


Scenic Lift tickets may be purchased in advance online or at the walk up window located at the Counterweight Cafe. Do not come to the resort with promotional tickets, unregistered vouchers, expired purchases, applications, partner resort passes or any other inquiries. All these matters must be addressed online or by telephone. Guest Services is currently NOT available at the resort. Please be patient with our very limited off-site guest services team while we facilitate your requests.


Once you have parked in our lot, you will head up to the Counterweight cafe that is located just below the bottom of chairlift #1. This is where you will purchase or pick-up your pre purchased tickets for the Scenic Lift.


To avoid unnecessary congregating when you arrive at Mt Baldy resort, please park your vehicle at least one vehicle width away from other vehicles. The parking lot should only be used for parking your vehicle for the day while you head up top to enjoy our resort activities. The parking lot is not to be used as a group hang out spot. After hours and or overnight parking is prohibited. Mt Baldy Resort staff will be on hand to identify vehicles not in compliance and reserve the right to have vehicles towed accordingly.


To avoid unnecessary contact we ask that you take care of your restroom breaks before you get to the mountain. Restrooms will be available for use at the base of Chair #1 and in the Top of the Notch Restaurant. Bathrooms are maintained and sanitized according to a vigorous schedule.


All lifts at Mt Baldy Resort are fixed grip double seat carriers. We suggest that you ride by yourself unless you decide to ride with someone from your own household. Mt Baldy Resort is not the ‘Quarantine Police’ and does not intend to be. We ask that you treat this matter with the respect that it deserves. Individuals will be loaded with one small carry along bag only.


Until further notice, Top of the Notch Restaurant will be open for take-out food, soft drinks and beer. The Counterweight Cafe will be selling drinks only. Due to the current circumstances, sit down seating will not be available at either location.


Tent Cabin Rentals will be available to book online and in advance. Just as before, Tent Cabins will be deep cleaned and sanitized at the end of each customer’s stay. An additional portable restroom has been added to the cabin area for use by tent cabin guests and is cleaned and sanitized daily by staff. Disc Golf is open this Summer for guests to enjoy and is a perfect way to practice Social Distancing. Rental discs are sanitized after every use upon being returned to staff.

Our ability to operate under these circumstances rely heavily on cooperation from everyone. If you are not feeling 100% or have any intention of not treating this situation with the respect that it deserves, stay home. Mt Baldy Resort would not be going through the difficult process of opening during these difficult times if we did not love operating this special mountain and YOU our stakeholders.

Thanks for the support,
The Crew @ Mt Baldy